......LIBERAL theologians, like to find "errors" in the Holy Scriptures. They do not believe that the Bible is infallible. Instead, they claim it contains contradictions and mistakes. but when challenged to demonstrate these alleged mistakes they cite the same tired old psuedo-mistakes over and over again. On this page you will find a gallery of these alleged contradictions and resolutions to them.

1. When Did Jesus Cleanse the Temple?
. Solving the apparent conflict between Johnand the synoptic gospels.

2. Paul's three conversion accounts?
.. Paul's three conversion accounts -- in contradiction?

3. How Many Donkey's Did Jesus Ride In On?
.. Reconciling Matthew's two donkeys account with the other gospels.

Does The Bible Contain Contradictions?
.. I could not estimate how many times I have heard this charge against the Holy Scriptures over the past several decades. One thing, however, has been consistent about the allegation – the critic rarely can name even one alleged contradiction that the Bible is supposed to contain. He just “knows” that they are “in there” somewhere.


Jim Meritt's List of Bible Contradictions: Answer Key
.. Replies are to alleged Biblical contradictions cited by Jim Meritt

Answering Alleged Bible Contradictions
.. Under closer scrutiny there certainly appears to be some problems within the text. In this section we will examine these alleged Bible contradictions and difficulties.

Sites That Resolve Bible Difficulties
.. A collection of websites that deal with resolving apparent contradictions.

Countering Bible Contradictions
.. Lists each claim of contradiction, and then offer the reply.